Achievement without compromise

Industry standards


How are our standards are monitored?

We consider each transaction individually for key indicators to ensure it meets current investors' demands for simplicity, transparency, and consistency. This approach is essential for asset-backed securities as the industry moves towards standards set by ESMA.
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Three step process

Step 1

Servicing and enforcement risk

  • Voting and enforcement rights
  • Recoverability of assets
  • Transparency of pricing
  • Disclosure and legal review
  • Legal and contract responsibilities
  • Transparency of pricing
Step 2

Collateral risk

  • Nature of the assets
  • Performance history
  • Payment status
  • Asset transfer and security
  • Provision of initial data
  • Provision of ongoing data
Step 3

Structural risk

  • Cash flows
  • Currency mismatches
  • Interest rate mismatches
  • Asset and liability mismatches
  • Payment priorities